So we’re guessing you want to know some interesting facts about Spain? Costa Calida, also known as “The Warm Coast“, is a quaint and unique coastline running 250km of Murcia, a city in Southern Spain. This paradise sits between the Costa Blanca to the North and Costa Almeria on its South. Recently, more and more tourists are taking notice of this piece of holiday wonderland, and for good reason.

To say that Costa Calida is a special place is an understatement. Sure, its fine, sandy beaches and coastal towns are worthy to be printed on a postcard, but it is the unique characteristics of the place that sets it apart from run-of-the-mill tourist hot spots. Below is the ABC of interesting facts about Spain’s little spot of sunshine. Well, until K at least. We left the L to Z for you to fill up yourself. Bookmark this on your holiday, perhaps?

interesting facts about spainA is for: Ancient baths abound

In the town of Fortuna at least. Found North East of Murcia, the place is also called a ‘spa town’ with its thermal hot springs called the Balneario. What makes these baths special is that they preserve its 19th century design which has been widely used by Romans and Arabs before. It is perfect for tourists who are tired of frolicking on the beaches, as its water is believed to help respiratory and rheumatic complaints.

B is for: Buy cakes from mysterious nuns

Visit the 18th century church of Santa Ana and try the cakes made by the nuns of the place. What makes this experience so interesting is that you have to buy and get your sweets through a revolving hatch, a means that the church has developed to prevent the nuns from breaking their vows of having no contact with the outside world.

C is for: “Colombicultura”, a sport involving brightly coloured birds

At the historic town of Lorca, locals paint pigeons with bright, festive colours to participate in a Spanish sport called “Colombicultura”. The winner is determined by the length of time the pigeon stays on flight.

interesting facts about spainD is for: Dunes- and forest-fringed beaches

The coast can well be considered a summer wonderland with over 320 days of sunshine each year. With a mild Mediterranean climate, Costa Calida is the perfect place for a family getaway. Tourists can choose from its many beaches fringed by dunes or virgin pine forests and enjoy the warm sea water lapping the sloping shores. The coast is also friendly for families with young children because its beaches are shallow and not constantly buffeted by waves.

E is for: Experience 5 star treatment

La Manga is a world-renowned 5 star luxury resort that is a dream come true for golfers and water sports fans. It boasts of 18-hole courses and calmer waters making it the perfect site for water sport practice and frolicking kids alike. If that doesn’t convince you enough, then Restaurante El Mesonico will, a restaurant found at its main road that offers world-class tapas and a special menu of the day for only 10 Euros. Nightlife at the place is teeming as well with its many bars, restaurants, and tourist shops.

F is for: Food that’s worthy of a second try

Costa Calida is blessed with fertile plains, making it perfect for rice farming. As the staple diet in the area, this place offers some of the best rice dishes in Spain. Paired with farmed meat, a bountiful seafood supply, and wild game and you have a place that’s perfect for the most notorious of carb eaters. Try the “arroz y cornejo”, a rice dish with rabbit if you’re feeling adventurous, or keep it simple with “potaje”, a rich stew dish. Of course, Costa Calida also has its beloved dessert, the “Jijona”, a variety of traditional ice cream made with almonds and genuine Nougat.

G is for: Go cave diving

So do you think cave diving is too cliché? Try cave diving in Costa Calida instead! The waters of the place are primed for the underwater adventure because of the perfect visibility and underwater settings they offer. The best underwater caves can be found at La Azohia and Cartagena. Not far from the beautiful holiday villa on the El Valle Golf Resort.

interesting facts about spainH is for: Huge water lagoon at the center of Mediterranean waters

The Mar Menor lagoon is a beautiful accident of nature. Completely closed off the Mediterranean sea, this huge salt water lagoon is like the eye of the storm with its calm waters protected on the edges by the rougher Mediterranean waves. The lagoon’s calmer waters makes it perfect for practising water sports like windsurfing, canoeing, and sailing.

I is for: Important music events that pay homage to world culture

Every year, Cartagena, a neighbouring place of Costa Calida throws La Mar De Musicas Festival. The event is considered as one of the most important music events in the world and focuses on folk music around the world. In addition to music, other artists are also invited to participate and perform simultaneously on stages set up during the festival. The festival doesn’t particularly focus on Spanish culture only and focuses on a different country every year.

J is for: Jazzy market life, done right

At Puerto De Mazarron, a Costa Calida seaside resort town, shopping for fresh catch is done the good, old, traditional way. The town remains a central fishing village important to the local economy and it is a treat to trek to the port to see the local fishermen auctioning off their daily catch.

interesting facts about spainK is for: Kaleidoscopic forest life

So rich is the fauna and overall geography of this place near Costa Calida that its National Park, Sierra Espuna, supports different ranges of wildlife depending on its varying level and temperatures. The elevated altitude of the park supports a different fauna than the ones at the sea level where there is higher temperature. Examples of animals that can be found in the park are the golden eagles and the wild Barbary sheep.

If these facts about Spain do not encourage you to book a ticket directly to this part of Spain, then we don’t know what will. Costa Calida is every tourist’s dream from a wonderland, with its raw beauty and unconventional charm. Pretty sure nobody will ever judge you if you don’t immediately get a return ticket for this holiday!

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